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Peter's Drive-in, Dining, Calgary 355w

Peter's Drive-in menu remains virtually unchanged since it opened in 1962. Many of the employees have worked there for over 30 years! Owner Gus Pieters whipped up the first of his legendary milkshakes in 1964. And now, you can mix up to 3 of their 30 flavours, generating more than 4500 combinations. It would take 87 years to try them all if you had one milkshake a week!

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Diamond Tooth Gertie (Gertie Lovejoy) was a Yukon dance-hall queen named for the sparkling diamond between her two front teeth. She made a fortune from miners' gold nuggets saying, "The poor ginks have just gotta spend it, they're that scared they'll die before they have it all out of the ground." There's a casino and music hall named after Gertie in Dawson City, called Diamond Tooth Gertie's.


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