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Canadian? Not!

Not Canadian? No worries!

Canada embraces all cultures! We welcome people of all nations to explore our great country!

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What's here for you?

The Canadian Only website is divided into sections. If you're not familiar with our country, you may want to start browsing the Canada-wide section. Here, you can explore your areas of interest.

If you're planning to visit our country, you might be most interested in things like: where to stay (Accommodation), what to do (Activities, Attractions), or where to eat (Dining). You may want to plan your trip around one of the bigger attractions such as our Canada Games held once every two years in different host cities in Canada, alternating between winter and summer. These games represent the highest level of national competition for up and coming Canadian athletes. We have annual celebrations on national and provincial/territorial levels. Just to name a few, National Aboriginal Day, Calgary Stampede, or the Quebec Winter Carnival.

If you're not planning to visit, but you just love all things Canadian, you might want to find out about Canada's Arts & Culture, Products & Services. If you're above a certain age, our Seniors section may interest you.

Then there's the Provinces & Territories section. Canada is vast. So you might want to explore one area at a time.

You also might want to check out other sites with really good information on Canada. Here's one. Discover Canada.

Each province is further divided into regions. Some cities and towns have their own page, so you can bypass the region and go directly to the city or town you're interested in.

Every page has a search box near the top left of the page. At any time, you can type in some keywords that will return results specific to what you're looking for.

Fun stuff

Nearly every page has a "Did you know?" box. In it, you'll find little gems of knowledge about Canada. Facts, figures, stories about famous Canadian people or amazing places in Canada.

We hope you enjoy the Canadian Only website!



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