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About Us
The beginnings of Canadian Only

Canadian Only is all about Canada. Right from the start (year 2000) its purpose was to provide information about Canada. Its goal was, and still is, to be the largest source of truly Canadian content, categorized and organized and still managing to keep an attractive-looking site, with a lot of white space and no moving, popping up, or otherwise annoying, side-tracking ads.

The best things about Canadian Only

Canadian Only is a one-of-a-kind website. It is a Canadian information site with links for anything and everything about Canada. It includes a Canadian Business Directory and Travel Information. is human edited, meaning that each link is initially checked for Canadian ownership. It just makes us feel more comfortable knowing we've actually checked out the site and don't have to worry about the possibilities of an "undesirable" link getting onto the website, unlike those sites using the automatic submission process. It takes longer, but what the heck, its worth it.
Get your search started either by location (local) or category. And unlike our competitors, our categories, sub-categories and listings are all in alphabetical order. Whatever you search for, you will get only the links relevant to your search, making your search quick and simple.
And to make things even easier, we have added an on-site search engine which will give you results only off the website,

The years 2009-2011 for Canadian Only

During the years 2009 to 2011, Canadian Only had a lot of changes, and this was with the help of Pam Moorlag and Annie Zed (aka Zalezsak).
Pam helped to increase the visitors to the site by 230%. This was achieved through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media marketing and adding hundreds of websites to the Directory. Business procedures for operations, office and marketing were set in place.
Annie, who is a talented graphic artist, re-created an entirely new look for Canadian Only. The site is now way prettier and easier to use. It most definitely sets us apart from the rest of the Canadian Directories found online.

There were "down-to-business" times. And then there were fun times.

Annie, communicatingDo not disturb CEO

Then there were actually serious times and then there were down times.

Leslie and PamCEO working hard at the office

And then there were more FUN times to be had. "Buddy Canuck", title unknown,  was brought into the whole Canadian Only experience. We actually just stick to the name Buddy because we don't want any legal issues about the "Canuck" part of it. We can't really say what his position is, but we sure have lots of fun with him. Here he is right now being trained by the CEO.

Buddy Canuck learning the ropesBuddy Canuck

Buddy antics, need we say more. He's outrageous, secretive, and pretty much the strong silent type. We've had road trips across the Prairies where we've taken advantage of a few photo ops, killing ourselves (and onlookers) with laughter. We've done some videos with Buddy, and at the same time, laughed ourselves silly. He is a true patriot, he's enthusiastic and definitely willing to do anything we tell him!

2012 - present at Canadian Only

Presently, Canadian Only is still being maintained by yours truly. The listings on the website are all human edited, found either by site submissions or research. The "Did you Know" boxes are slowly being filled with information, trivia, facts etc, and this is done just as fast as my little fingers can go. Well, Rome wasn't built in a day, eh?! You will see some changes to the design, but still managing to leave its "look" that definitely sets it apart from any other Directory out there.

So that's what I'm doing - plugging away at adding links and other Canadian content to the site. Because, as I've said for years and years, "Build it and they will come."


In conclusion, this is the logo. Isn't it great! This was designed by Annie Zed.

Canadian Only


This is me, and I LOVE Canada!

I love Canada!

More Pics for ya

Pam, wheeling & dealing

Pam, wheeling and dealing


Taking a well-earned refreshment break.

Annie and Leslie take a break


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